Video Linker - Subject of the Day

The objective of the event is to introduce and / or remind the learners to learn from the various types of learning resources and opportunities the Internet offers.

For a given subject of the day, bring in as much video links available all over the Internet. First, it helps the learner to explore the Web for the learning resource, second by bringing in the resource, the learner assists the community and gets the benefit of viewing the resources posted by other members.

Create a “Video Link” resource by clicking on “Create Content” from the “Navigate Links” and Choose “Video Link” Content type or Click here.

 List of Topics

Computer Science

  • Artificial Intelligence,Floating Point Numbers, Successive Numbers, Succesive Refinement, Finding Roots, Binary Search, Bubble and Selection Sorts,Dynamic Programming: Overlapping Subproblems, Optimal Substructure, Computational Models: Random Walk Simulation, Normal, Uniform, and Exponential Distributions


  • Intelligence systems control, Radial basis functional networks, Non linear system analysis, Introduction to pneumatics, Parts of ignition systems, Neural control

Core Science

  • Evolution of management thought, Management by objectives, Organizing & Organization, coordinating, communication, comparison of American and Japanese management systems


  • Fundamentals of physics, Introduction to Astrophysics, Descriptive Introduction to Physics, Electricity and magnetism,cosmic connections,String theory, black holes, laws of nature


  • General Chemistry, Chemical structure and reactivity, Astrophysical Chemistry, Basic Chemistry, physical chemistry, Marine organic Geochemistry

Electrical & Electronics

  • Electric Drive, Basics of DC to AC converter, Power Electronics Improvements, Power switch protector,Circuits & electronics , Linear integrated circuits

Environmental Science and Engineering

  • Introduction to software engineering, Engineering risk benefit analysis, Computer Language Engineering, Operating System Engineering, Frontiers of biomedical engineering, Software engineering concepts


  • Introduction to evolution and natural selection, Intelligent design and evolution, Evolution Clarification, Natural selection and own butterfly, DNA, Bacteria


  • Management ethics, Total Quality Management, Built in Memory Management, Wealth Management, Trafic engineering and Management, Software Quality Management

Computer Applications,

  • Future of Interfacing, cloud computing, Grid Computing, network protocols, Forensic computing, image processing

Chemical Engineering

  • Introduction to Numerical Analysis for engineering, Introduction to bioengineering, Transport Processes, Separation Processes, Numerical methods applied to Chemical engineering, Bio chemical engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  • How and why the machines work, Toy Product design, Mechanics and Materials, Design and manufacturing, Dynamics, Structural Mechanics

Mechanical - Dynamics of Machine

  • Force, Newton's law, velocity, state of motion, classical mechanics, Vaccum virtual machine