Single Axis Solar Tracker

One of the most popular renewable energy sources is solar energy. Solar energy is rapidly gaining notoriety as an important means of expanding renewable energy resources. As such, it is vital that those in engineering fields understand the technologies associated with this area. My project will include the design and construction of a solar panel tracking system. The main purpose of the project is to achieve optimum energy efficiency by PV cell. We are using a PV solar cell to generate energy from Sun.

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Online shopping cart application

The Main Objective of The Project in carshop to provide a particular Car and give a delivery to user. carshop is completely Web base application. A carshop is Online shopping base web site. It provides all information about all particular Car.

            Carshop is providing large category of all Car like Ford ,Mercedes, Lamborghini,  Maruti-Suzuki and Honda. If site administrator want to change and add some Car. They can add easily on adminpanal.

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A Scalable Method of Cryptography Key Management for Mission-Critical Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

his project is used in wireless networking systems where there is need to provide secure communication.

Main idea of this project is to implement a cryptographic key management method which will help in achieving zero communication overhead for authentication and provides high service availability. Here we use two keys one is public key and other is private key which means nodes are encrypted using these two pair of keys for encryption and decryption messages.

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A distributed cycle minimization protocol for peer to peer networks

This application is useful for peer to peer network for reducing duplicate messages and block unwanted cycles. In this paper we propose distributed cycle minimization protocol. This protocol main functionality is breaking the link of cycle when it detects any unwanted messages and creates new link for safe transfer and maintaining connectivity of the network. This protocol will not affect load balancing and fault resilience in unstructured p2p systems.

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Study of Database Integration Processes

An Exploratory Study of Database Integration Processes
Projects as mini-projects as well as mega-projects. This list has been complied after referring to the project ideas that have come across the forum since last few years

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Discussion Forum (JAVA SERVLET)

New ideas and invention are the parts of an innovatorâ„¢s life. He always try to look upon the solutions to the problem from a technical point of view.

An project is a perfect balance cocktail of the practical aspects of the humanities and economics. The project provides a deal with a problem existing in society from a technical point of view. Our project is also a solution approach towards studentsâ„¢ technical approach.

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Automation using internet (controlling equipments )

Using sms one can send command over a distance. In this project we connect a handset to a computer by using data cable. Inside the home we can connect home equipments to computers by a specially designed circuit.

Most commonly we prefer computers parallel port for interfacing as one can easily monitor equipments using it.

We are developing the application for the computer which is inside the home and to which phone and interfacing kit is connected. Here we have to decide operational commands for operating home equipments that is making it on or off.

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Electronic banking (servlet).

This project is based on servlet technology. There are seven servlets for the execution of the projects.
Adding amount
withdrawing amount
Transferring amount
Changing password.
Account balance report.


In the registration process we provide information such as personal details, account information, and contact information.

Personal details includes name ,surname. account information includes ,username password, Contact information includes mob no. etc


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Voice operated PC Applications(VB)

Voice operated pc is based on speech recognition library. In this project we use Microsoftâ„¢s speech recognition library. We introduces speech operated list box control in our Vb project. In that list box we can insert our own commands. We also then identify the commands from the speech operated listbox.

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agent-based information push mechanism

Information push mechanism is a way of pushing the information to the user who would be interested in that. This technique is widely used in web-site advertising (showing the advertisements that a user with a certain profile would be interested in, yahoo! sites for example). This technique can also be applied in other areas wherein a user with a known profile interacts with an information system (such as a website).

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