Super Market Management

The basic working done by this application is to maintain stock as well as perform all daily/ timely transaction like (Sale, Order) processing in a smoother and automated way. The main feature of this application is going to be its adhoc report support, which enable management to view all the ins-outs of a super market as well as profit/losses of the organization.

In the project, the modules are Sale, Purchase, Employee, Customer, Finance, etc.

Tags :

Library management system

to do library management for keeping the details of books

Tags :

Onlinebanking system

to maintain the customer details,account details

Tags :

Online shopping system

to maintain the customer details,shop details,product details

Tags :

Employee payroll system

to maintain the employee details,salary details,attendence details

Tags :

Home Management sysyems

to maintain the home details,to make a timetable of menus,the money details

Tags :

Staff Management systems

to get the details of each staffs salary,their department,their working hours

Tags :

Hostel Management systems

to do the hostel management system in vb.inorder to maintain the details of each student,their outgoing details

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