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Safety 360 degree

Many unfortunate incidents have been taking place in woman’s case. Problems may come from any direction such as women walking on the road after the work, going to super market or many other reasons for which they go alone. People at home are not sure of their return safely. So we propose this paper for developing an android application called Safety 360° that ensures both safety and security for women.  The Safety 360°application requires the name and number of the person who is to be contacted in times of emergency.

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Improved Road Accident Rescue System by sending Messages using Sensors and GSM

The main objective of this project is to sense an accident, where immediate help is required to the person and if he is not in a position to inform any medical rescue team. In this kind of situation, there is a need to develop a system which should inform automatically to medical rescue team, that an accident has been taken place along with its geo-graphical location. In this project, a system has been proposed using sensors for monitoring accidents and providing on-spot medical facility.

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Lab Management System


The software LAB MANAGEMENT SYSTEM was developed to automate the lab details of this clinic. This includes information about all lab items, Doctors, patients and purchase of this clinic. This system gives a generalize, concise and accurate information regarding billing, purchase details. stock etc.. This system provides any type of enquiry such as patient details, stock, purchase details, purchase return details, billing.

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A honeypot is a closely monitored network decoy serving several purposes: it can distract adversaries from more valuable machines on a network, provide early warning about new attack and exploitation trends, or allow in-depth examination of adversaries during and after exploitation of a honeypot.

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Data Centralization Over Networks

DATA CENTRALIZATION OVER NETWORKS (data-CON) aims the centralization of data in different platforms.The data, which are based in different platforms, can be centralized in an unique server. The main peculiarity of the Data-CON is that the clients can use different platforms and databases. Data-CON can be used to synchronize datas in different databases such as SQL. ORACLE, MYSQL, ACCESS, etc. It can be used as a back up tool.Data-CON aims to develop client and server tools to centralize over various networks.

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