Opinion mining (sentiment mining, opinion/sentiment extraction) is the area of research that attempts to make automatic systems to determine human opinion in STAR RATING format.Now a days,the star rating is the most popular one in many people's decision.It is mainly used in real time application. (eg:seeing the rating of the product and buying,downloading a song,game etc..)

In today’s technology the rating is given to many areas like movie,story books,magazines,games,for online buying sites,hotels and many more.Through which many of the people are making decision for selecting their needs.

The rating for book shops is the new one which will be useful for the book readers and the people who are in need for a particular book.The rating for the shop is given with a maximum limit of five stars.The stars are rated based on the customer’s feedback for the rare collection of books, all journals availability,study book availability,cost and customer satisfaction.

This star rating will be a useful one for everybody who are in need of finding the book shop with the availability of their needed book.It mainly reduces the time consumption,travelling cost for the people by making them to know the shop name with address through internet connection.

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Tue, 01/04/2014 - 20:55