inertia braking system for two wheelers

Each and every parts of a two wheeler has been designed well even though some times the braking system of a two wheelers shows poor performance. When the vehicle comes without brakes it turns the passengers into unsafe situation while riding the vehicle. So we should have a brake in our two wheelers which must deliver an optimum performance. The braking force is mainly depends on the following two factors one is normal reaction of the rear wheels and another one is coefficient of friction between road and tyres. Whenever the vehicle is loaded the normal reaction of the rear wheels also increases. So there is only minimum braking force is requires stopping the vehicle. When the vehicle is running at high speed with fewer loads it will become out of control. If we apply brake in this condition it will make a heavy injury, because the kinetic energy of a vehicle while running stored its total mass. In this paper the inertia force which helps the vehicle while braking without any skidding. Thus the system can deliver an effective braking performance then traditional one.

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