air hand touch computer in air

this project is all about the touch screen created in air, a computer or a tablet or a mobile phone which can be controlled in air i.e instead of touching the screen in real you could operate the gadgets using this technique as if you are using a air touch gadget.

the idea behind the project is you can create a highly precise and high intensity laser to create a rectangular frame where in you find any two adjacent sides of the rectangular frame { which will act as the lobes of laser source } as transmitting side and the other two sides act as the receiver lobes now the source transmitting side emits the laser and falls of the receiver which indicates no action {no touch} and in case there is a disturbance or the person puts the finger into the frame the corresponding coordinate points of touch, the receiver gets no input laser, hence takes it as active low signal and we get to know the coordinate of touch in air now the corresponding coordinates in either sides and decoded and multiplexed and is interfaced with the touch screen operating microcontroller and by which the touch action is performed in the air and gives you the feel of air computing.

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Thu, 24/07/2014 - 19:25