Worlds Fastest Listbox w/Application Data

Title Worlds Fastest Listbox w/Application Data
Description Sometimes data (like a HTML list box) is displayed on many pages of a website. In fact, the database generated list box is displayed thousands of times a day, and the database is queried every time, but it is unnecessary. The database it is drawn from is not changing thousands of times a day. In the following example any page that displays the list boxes needs to only access the application variables, not hit the database. Very speedy. If the data changes or gains new records, a trigger mechanism could be added to sense data changes and only rebuild the list box if records were added or changed. These scripts is a "proof of concept" script that displays the listboxes without re-querying the database. If you like this approach, this is merely a "proof of concept" and "teaching example". A much more thorough implementation of caching and high speed data retrieval is at: which is a very fast database retrieval library I made and add features and speed tweaks too constantly that supports caching mechanisms too. ListMakedemo.asp is the main script. Simple enough.
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Sat, 02/07/2011 - 10:20

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