Wireless Sensor Network based Automatic Meter Reading (wSNAMR)


                Automatic Meter Reading is technology evolved from 1995[3] or before, for remote collection of  utilities measurement data which involve Electricity, Gas and Water etc. In this process of evolution every time new idea was methodology being used for implementation. In this thesis same task of meter reading will be performed wirelessly by using zigbee standard developed for the low power wireless sensor network. Concentration is on electrical energy. Goal of this work is to have a Remote collection of measured energy value as well as to have an on/off control of this Page 101 energy supply which will indirectly enable wireless monitoring of energy consumption, prepaid billing etc through web based interface provided. So work will involve development of hardware and firmware and web based software to achieve this functionality. Once energy consumption data is available to us, it can be used for purpose of dynamic tariff management, dynamic load management, power quality monitoring, peak power consumption etc.  

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