wind turbine


Wind Turbine

A hand full of engineering interns, students and mentors were
presented with the challenge of entering the Indian Education
Renewable Energy Challenge. The goal is to design a wind turbine
powered system that will generate and store wind energy and then
use that energy, stored either mechanically or electronically, to power
an array of LEDs. Obviously, as in most competitions, there are certain
constraints that have to be followed, which will be discussed later on
in the following proposal.

A decision had to be made about how we would go about
generating and storing energy from the turbine, then how we would
utilize that energy to light as many LEDs as possible. We needed to
weigh the pros and cons of using either a vertical axis or horizontal
axis turbine according to the constraints outlined by the BIE. A second
energy module would be needed power the LEDs, but we would have
to produce the energy with flowing water. The process of putting it all
together was a tough task since a lot of difficult decisions had to be
discussed and explored thoroughly.

The components needed to be systematically arranged so thatthey can work together in an organized manner. We also would need astructurally sound frame to hold it all together, taking into account a

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