wind energy

With the evolution of new technologies in
the field of automobile engineering the comfort of the
passengers and safety of perishable goods has become a
major concern. Various comfort accessories in passenger
vehicles like televisions sets, music system, focus lights,
fans with higher quality pumps, power steering electrical
control systems, warning systems etc have increased the
power requirements of the vehicle. In the past 20 years,
the electrical demand of automobiles has more than
doubled. Today vehicles with air conditioners have also
become common .The power requirement of the air
conditioner system is met by an additional engine attached
to the vehicle. The additional battery or engine has though
fulfilled the energy requirements of the vehicle it has also
increased the weight of the vehicle resulting in the loss of
fuel efficiency of the vehicle. This is an attempt made to
utilize the wind energy produced by the movement of the
vehicle to generate electrical power.

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 01:49