virtual router

 The router is a hardware device which can perform routing operation between different networks, basically this is a dedicated hardware manufactured mostly by CISCO. This device is a layer 3 device ie. it manipulate Logical addressing, like a switch which is a layer 2 device which works on hardware addressing. We can develop a software router which can work as a CISCO router, In linux there is a Kernal level router but on configuring in kernal level will cause some curious problem so we can do software router in user level. For this project u need to study some tips on networking. We can do it in C under linux. so u need to study linux some what. In Linux some one library is there for capturing packet from the Network card, The PCAP.H library. which is already there in Linux c. u need to just import that file. In networking side u need to study about TCP, UDP header. Routing are of 2 types 1) Static routing 2) Dynamic Routing In static routing u need to save the different network address which are directly connected to the virtual router system and assingn a default gateway for each and every system. In dynamic roouting u need to implement some dynamic routing algorithm vis the "link stack routing" so u need to have a good knowledge in datastructure - Graph and trees to find the IP addresses. In both cases the discovered IP address i stored in an IP table. In the 3rd section u need to study about C under linux which is some what similar to windows C but some difference. In the 4th section u need to understand about the linux networking. In linux there is a router in built which is a kernel router, We need to disable the Kernal router and design our own user level router and works well in any situation. When ever the packet arrives in the Network card the PCAP lib capature the packet and we need to sniff the packet and find which packet is it ? After identifying the IP address we need to search the IP table for the networks and if that network address is there inject the Packet back to the ethernet card usig another libray "LIBNET". If u are doing a dyanmic routing u need to find the shortest path for that we need to implement "OSPF" algorithm.

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