Virtual  simulation  technique  involves  advanced  software  (like  CAD)  in  creating  a  3D

representation of garments and also creating a virtual feeling of fabrics (HAPTIC simulation)

to  satisfy  the  consumers  taking  advantage  of  state-of-the-art  algorithm  from  the  field  of

mechanical  simulation,  animation  and  rendering.  This  system  is  mainly  targeted  towards

higher  accuracy,  shortened  design  process  and  wider  versatility  required  by  a  garment

designer and also offers a very high level of interactivity for the designer. The main process

involved  in  this  technique  are  flat  pattern  generation  from  digitizer,  marker  making,  file

conversion  to  Photoshop,  matching  fabrics  and  pattern  adjustment,  digital  printing  and

automated cutting. This involves large number of techniques such as mechanical simulation,

collision  detection  and  response,  simulation  of  dynamic  meshes,  real  time  animation  of

garments and virtual try-on of the garment for the customers. In mechanical simulation, the

accurate reproduction of the mechanical behaviour of the material is carried out. In collision

detection and  response, the  geometrical contacts  between the complex moving surfaces and

the way in which these geometrical contacts alter the mechanical behaviour of the cloth are

analysed. The next step is the construction of dynamic meshes that would automatically adapt

to  the  shape  and  feature  changes  of  the  garment  patterns  during  their  design.  The  real-time

animation  of  the  garment  provides  real-time  visualization  of  the  garment  on  the  animated

body. With the virtual try-on, customers can choose garment and try on 3D mannequins that

are adjusted to their body measurements and are assisted to conduct proper online purchase of

the apparels. Thus advancements in IT field reflect in our textile industry by improvising the

present trend of technology to meet international standards. In this paper, the new emerging

technology “VIRTUAL simulation” has been discussed.

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