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Vibration Analysis

Rotodynamic equipments like pumps, motors, fans and compressors cover up much of the population of critical components in a modern manufacturing environment. Inevitably, maintenance of these machines becomes a focal point of providing reliable and uninterrupted production capacity. Vibration Analysis is a proven technique for condition monitoring of rotating equipments. Monitoring the vibration from machinery enables to provide a direct correlation between the mechanical conditions;

Analysis through recorded vibration data of each machine Vibration Analysis is necessary to identify specific degrading machine components or failure modes of machinery before serious damage occurs. This paper discusses the creating of model the rotating machinery and predicting the amount of vibration produced in the system in virtual environment. Vibration diagnosis model of the system eliminates the need for developing the real prototype after design stage for vibration inspection.

The reliability is ensured in the design stage itself. Among the rotating machineries, a centrifugal pump model was selected for virtual analysis in ANSYS. The shaft and bearing of the pump was modeled using AutoCAD. The Modal and Harmonic response of the shaft is simulated for the different combination of stiffness and damping co-efficient of the bearing and exciting force. The effect of bearing stiffness value and the damping co-efficient on the amount of vibration produced is evaluated. Thereby, the magnitude of the vibration encounter in any rotating machinery can be diagnosis by correlating the stimulated result of virtual model of the system.

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