Vehicle horn usig Wireless technology to prevent sound pollution

As sound pollution Leads Increases blood pressure, Has negative cardiovascular effects such as changing the way the heart beats , Increases breathing rate ,Sleep disturbance, Hypertension,Stress, Heart attack, Artery diseases, Memory loss ,Disturbs digestion ,Can cause an upset stomach or ulcer , Can negatively impact a developing fetus, perhaps contributing to premature birth and Sound Horns From Vehicles are one of the major reason for noise pollution. in cities vehicles are simply blowing horn of no use, it disturbs the pedestrians , tress passers, passengers..etc. suppose this horn is to be heard only to the drivers. but unfortunately its disturbing many.

By the grace of GOD, I could find a solution for this. It is a horn with wireless signal transmission. Yes a wireless horn can reduce this noise pollution from vehicle horns. Not only prevent pollution but also control accidents and make the atmosphere pleasant
When the horn switch is pressed a Radio frequency signal is produced from the embedded system and is capable of traveling around a distance 40- 60 meters. Every vehicles should contain the embedded transmitter receiver kit ,so that the signal received by the nearby vehicles will produce a beep sound using a buzzer ,where the sound is audible to the driver only and not disturbing the passengers, pedestrians , trespassers or even any activities of the nature
The kit can also be connected to an ultrasonic reverse parking sensor which is now common in all vehicles. when the horn signal is received in a vehicle the sensor will operates for 3 seconds by getting a relay signal from the receiver and it can sense any vehicle behind it with in distance of 14 feet. So the driver can get the exact distance of any vehicle behind it, during the horn is pressed
The drawback is that the direction of the sound could not be identified. but technology can make it possible . I need help from experts with new technologies

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Thu, 25/10/2012 - 23:07