Using your mobile miss call as password (security).

We can use our mobile missed call as a password to the application. For lot of security reasons one can require a very secure password. And a mobile missed call is a unique one. Here we connect our mobile phone to a computer where the application is running. The application may be of different types. Only we are providing a very secure login to that application. The number which we have already predefined as a mobile password can act as password. Missed call for another mobile can not authorised user to login.

Here in this case we connect mobile phone to computers communication port .Then by the programming we set comm port's baud rate to 9600,number of stop bits as 8bits, Parity as none ,and 1 stop bit. There are number of commands to operate mobile phone when it is connected to computer. The mobile is Connected to computer by using a data cable. The command which we provide to operate mobile phones are called as AT Commands.

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