Universal Remote using IR on Pocket PC

Pocket PC or Smartphones have built in infra red ports. This infra red port can be programmed using embedded VC++ to act as an universal remote control for the various equipments like television, VCD/DVD players, microwaves in the house. This project will involve programming a Pocket PC to act as an universal remote controller and making a front end through which users can add more devices and their control sequences which can be then downloaded to the Pocket PC. For doing this project the first thing that you will need is a pocket PC with infrared. The cheapest PDA with this facility will cost you around 12,000 Rs. Embedded VC++ is a languge whcih is a scaled down version of VC++. You can use the WIN32 library to access the IR port and send signals to it. For programming as a universal remote you must first find out the codes output by standard remotes. For that another program can be written. To start with develop a program on PC that can be used to capture data send by remotes using an IR adapter. IR adapter costs around 350Rs.

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