Transformerless 1-Phase Multilevel Photovoltaic Inverter

Abstract- For low-voltage dc energy sources, a power conditioning system (PCS) is needed to convert the energy sources to a higher-voltage dc before making it to ac for grid tie applications. Fuel cells and Solar photovoltaic (PV) are perhaps the most well-known and prospective energy sources with low voltage dc output. A thermoelectric generator, a battery, and an ultra-capacitor are also examples of such low-voltage dc energy sources. Recently, numerous circuit topologies for the power conversion from low-voltage dc to high-voltage ac for grid-tie applications were proposed to deal with specific issues such as high efficiency, low cost, and safety. The aim of this project is to introduce and discuss the main features of these relatively new circuit topologies that deal with these practical design issues. The whole system is constructed and simulated in MATLAB environment. The power qualities under different conditions are given and compared. An experimental prototype of High efficiency power conditioning system was built and Experimental results are shown to verify the effectiveness of the proposed power conditioning topology.

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Sun, 15/12/2013 - 22:46