Time-triggered architecture for safety-related distributed real-time systems in transportation systems

This paper presents a novel computer architecture for fault-tolerant distributed embedded real-time systems, the Time-Triggered Architecture, which is currently implemented and demonstrated in two European projects: `Safety-Related Fault-Tolerant Systems in Vehicles (X-By-Wire)' and `Time-Triggered Architecture (ITA): Major European manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace and railway industries, suppliers, and universities are participating in these projects, both of which will be completed at the end of 1998. The objective of the projects is to achieve a framework for the introduction of ultra-dependable electronic systems in vehicles which do not rely on conventional physical backups. A common recommendation on the basic electronic and software architecture is elaborated, and key components are implemented as prototypes, particularly a VLSI-implemented communication controller utilising a time-triggered protocol. The project results will be evaluated for typical industrial applications from the participating sectors

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