Time report management System used for maintains performance of the individuals and teams. Powerful real time graphical reporting engine for timesheets. Generate standard or custom reports.

A project planning tool is used to affect the project plan including a plurality of tasks to be performed by the users in accordance with respective time schedules. The network is configured for translating the project plan into the master database to affect an assignments table including a list of project tasks assigned for completion by each of the users. Time sheets are periodically prepared in the master database from the assignments table and include a list of the project tasks assigned to a respective user and a time period record for recording time entries therein. Actual time expended in performing the tasks is fed back to the project plan for managing completion of the tasks in accordance with the time schedules. In a preferred embodiment, a funding source is mapped to the project plan so that cumulative labor cost may be tracked based on actual time expended for the project tasks.

Assign the project into various teams and estimate the maximum time and cost of the project. It maintains the daily reports of the individuals. Increased visibility into actual time spent on tasks and projects Integrates with leading project management, accounting, ERP and Payroll software. Employees can submit time off requests online

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