The scientific and technological advantages of nanostructured particles and materials
attract considerable attention. The small size of nanoparticles (generally used to indicate particles less
than 100 nm in diameter), which can offer different useful properties like electronic, optical,
electrical, magnetic, chemical, and mechanical makes them suitable for a wide variety of industrial
applications. Nano sized TiO2 particles were prepared by milling TiO2 (10μm) in a planetary ball
mill equipped with vials using tungsten carbide balls at a rotation speed of 315 rpm. The Wide Angle
X-ray Diffraction (WAXD) result is used to find phase and crystalline structure of nano-TiO2 powder.
The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) analysis is carried out to confirm that the particles are nano
size. The composition of the material is characterized through the Energy Dispersive Angle X-ray
Analysis (EDAX). The thermal characteristics of the material are analyzed using Thermo Gravimetric
Differential scanning calorimeter (TG-DSC).

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 02:08