As the regulated quota system comes to an end in 2004 and the free globalize market takes

over,  the  priorities  of  textile  manufacturers  as  well  as  consumer  all  over  the  globe  are

undergoing  dramatic  change.  In  this  global  competition  quality  and  eco  -  friendliness  of

process  and  productplays  key  role.  In  this  paper  a  brief  introduction  of  research  in  various

fields of biotechnology to achieve the quality product through eco friendly processes is given.

Advances  in  the  field  of  fibre  production  and  modification,  use  of  different  enzymes  in  the

textile processing, and waste management using the biotechnology, finally the study suggests

some  policies  for  consideration.  Cotton  is  not  environmentally  friendly  unless  the  choice  is

organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without all the chemicals insecticides, pesticides and

defoliants that are traditionally used to grow cotton, is also discussed.

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