Temperature sensor based Home Security System

We can implement Temperature sensor based home security system. :idea: Use 'n' temperator sensors for sensing external obstacles and '1' or '2' temperator sensor/sensors for sensing the atmospheric temperature. Compare the atmospheric temperature reading with each and every normal obstacle sensors, a huge difference in the temperature variation may have a possiblity that some external obstacles may be there..use this inference and drive some alarm. Requirement 1) PIC 16F877 IC 2) n+1 or n+2 temperature sensors 3) Alarm 4) MPLAB IDE 5) MPLAB development kit :?: why use PIC 16F877 IC [/b] This IC have the facility to read directly from an analog device. Since the temperature sensors are analog devices we can interface it directly to PIC 16F877 IC. A small embedded program can be needed for comparison operation and that device can drive an external alarm

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