presents  an  industrial  assessment  model  for  textile  machineries  and  provides  the

result  of  the  assessment  of  current  technological  developments.  It  highlights  the  importance  of

technical and intelligent textiles associated with automation systems. The poster presents help to

understand  the  present  scenario  of  the  textile  machineries  and  its  application  on  various  textile

sectors. It also recommends a simple road map to adapt to the technological developments.

Textile  is  one  of  the  sensitive  industrial  sectors  which  effect  the  national  economies.  This

becomes  prominent  especially  after  the  Chinese  effect  on  the  market  in  the  last  decade.  The

recent  developments  of  textile  machineries  had  create  competitive  advantages  within

international  markets.  Textile  sector  is  seeking  for  alternative  products  which  in  turn  require

alternative manufacturing systems and production models and methods. In order to develop and

sustain competitive advantage and follow the change and technological progress, the study takes

the  attentions  into  a  systematic  assessment  of  the  sector  which  can  identify  challenges  and

driving  forces.  Therefore  a  proposed  assessment  model  is  presented  first  and  then  poster

concentrates  the  findings  related  to  new  technological  developments.  Indian  Textile  Machinery

industry catered mostly to local markets, which continued to remain as sellers market. Machines

with old technology and cheap prices continued to enjoy sustained high demand. Absence of high

technology machines in view of low no imports of textile machinery ensured old technology to

survive offered by  Indian machinery suppliers. Textile spinning industry made huge investment

in high technology machines. India enjoys 24% -25% shares in world trade as far as machineries

are concerned.

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