During last six months performance on textile industries can be considered satisfactory. In order

to achieve the potential, textile industry has to shift towards value added products. The greatest

value addition in textile chains is generated by the apparel segment. In order to produce quality

apparels,  all  the  segments  i.e.  processing,  fabric  manufacturing  and  spinning  will  need  up

gradation.  There  has  been  rapid  development  in  technology  during  last  decade.  The  newly

developed in spinning system can produce various types of core and multi-component yarns. The

drafting  unit  can  handle  all  types  of  synthetic  fibres  such  as  aramid,  preoxidised  fibre  etc.  The

machine is capable of operating with several cores. The production rate is as high as 250 mtr/min

and fineness of yarn can be from 0.5 to 25 nm.The machines have electronic control and micro-

processors which monitors and control the machine function to meet fabric quality requirement

and changes in design styles. In modern rapier looms weft insertion rate ranges from 1200 - 1500

mt/min.  Some  of  the  looms  have  provision  to  weave  wide  variety  of  fabrics.  In  case  of  Airjet

weaving machine weft insertion rate is still higher and ranges from 1800-2500 mt/min.

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