Technology transfer between VLSI design and software engineering: CAD tools and design methodologies

 Recent research on the explicit transfer of technology used in computer-aided design (CAD) tools and design methodologies is reported. First, several examples are given of applications of these technologies to software engineering. Then, three research projects are described which focused on applying software engineering principles to the VLSI design process. They are: a methodology, language, and assessment tool for multilevel mixed-mode VLSI designs; a research project that explored the potential for transfer of software design methodologies for managing VLSI design complexity; and a specification technique for "modules" in a VLSI design that localizes the impact of changes to the design. Next, a CAD tool and design methodology are described which consider the design of software and hardware together, and apply common techniques to both. Finally, some observations are made on the appropriateness of technology transfer between VLSI design and software engineering.

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