Today textiles are not just pertained to clothing alone; their technical performances are

the functional properties which mean much more than their decorative attributes. This has led to

the  emergence  of  a  new  term  “technical  textiles”.  Applications  of  technical  textiles  are  limited

earlier  day.  The  technological  developments  in  recent  years  have  developed  technical  textiles

material which can be used in different area. In this poster we have dealt some of the applications

of  technical  textiles.  The  ever  increasing  application  of  technical  textiles  such  as  protective

clothing,  automotives,  Agricultural,  building  material,  geo  textiles,  sports,  electronics  textiles,

leisure wear, medical textiles. In this poster we discuss new innovations of technical textiles.

                        Obviously, technical textiles are not for any aesthetic purpose. Technical textiles

are the fastest growing area of textile consumption in the world and the growth rate varies from

3%to9%per annum in hierarchy of human needs, clothing occupies the second top most priority

coming  only  many  items  made  of  natural  fibers  such  as  coir,  flax,  and  ramie.  Now  these  are

called  technical  textiles.  Today  it  has  impact  on  the  market  and  will  continue  to  grow  in  to

foreseeable  future.  Technical  textiles  are  being  manufactured  for  various  end  uses  other  than

apparel and furnishing fabrics since time immemorial. With the advent of manmade fibres in the

21st  century,  there  have  been  rapid  developments  in  the  technical  textile  sector.    The  uses  of

technical  textile  are  manifold  and  the  rates  of  growth  of  these  products  have  been  tremendous

almost all over the world.

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