System supporting planning and management of time and cost of projects based on Java EE platform

Abstract – The aim of this article is to present a management
supporting system which follows unique project management
methodology. The article shows how to integrate different
frameworks, libraries and technologies working on Java
Enterprise Edition platform in order to create fully operable
and very useful internet application.
Keywords – Java EE, JAVA, JSF, SPRING
In the era of advanced technologies and continuous
rapid development of civilization, few things became
extremely important: hard work and also good planning and
coordination of that work.
Therefore over the past years began to appear more
and more project management tools similar to the system
described in this article [7,12]. The implementation
methodology uses technologies based on Java EE platform,
such as JSF or Spring. Thanks to them it was created
functional website which is helpful for everyone involved in
the project life cycle. With the interactive Gantt’s graph,
system allows intuitive scheduling and comfortable project
Project is a unique sequence of tasks undertaken
with the aim achieves unique objectives within a specific
timeframe [4]. The key features of the project are:
• Aim
• Finite duration
• Uniqueness
• Element of uncertainty and risk
• Distinct structural
Project management is striving to achieve specific
aim, remaining within the prescribed time, cost and reaching
at the beginning a complex of final product quality. The
measure of success in project management is: range – means
how many objectives succeeded, quality – are customers
pleased, resources – did appear looses in team or
deterioration in team relations. Relations between individual
successes meters can be presented in graphical from using the
so-called project management triangle (Fig.1) [5].
Fig. 1 Project Management Triangle [4]
Applications based on Java Enterprise Editions,
although they require more work and attention, they offer
number of interesting features such as standard formation,
scalability, portability. These features have convinced many
companies which produce web-based software.
Presentation layer in described system was made
with usage of Java ServerFaces Framework. JSF has many
values, which meaningfully facilitates implementation of user
interface, few of them are introduced below:
• predefined interface components,
• event driven programming model,
• model components, through developers can create
their own components and reuse them in many
• usage of MVC (Model View Controller) design
To implement a persistent layer Hibernate
framework has been used, which is the one of the most
popular tools served to object relational mapping.
Additionally Spring framework was used, which provides
support in all stages of application design. Moreover it allows
for easy integration with specialized frameworks such as JSF
and Hibernate.

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