Synthetic studies towards biologically active molecules

Biologically active molecule is a broad term encompassing a variety of compounds possessing biological activity. The increasing demand for these classes of compounds has posed challenges to the scientists to get these compounds in large amounts either from natural sources or to produce synthetically through efficient and economically viable routes. The work presented in the thesis entitled "Synthetic Studies Towards Biologically Active Molecules" is relevant in the above context. The theme of our work centers on the synthesis of biologically important molecules. This led us to search for some novel antimalarials and to evaluate their activity. In this context, Chapter 2 describes the synthesis of some novel amine peroxides and evaluation of their antimalarial activity both in vivo and in vitro. It has been proved beyond doubt from structure activity studies that the endoperoxide group is absolutely essential for antimalarial activity. In the present study we have synthesized some terpenic fragments and conjugated heterocyclic compounds. More Info

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