Synthetic Studies on Eleutherobin

Eleutherobin, eleuthesides A and B and sarcodictyins A and B are members of the eleutheside family of marine natural products which exhibit potent antitumor properties following a mechanism of action similar to that of taxol. Eleutherobin was isolated from the fermentation broth of the soft, red-coral Eleutherobia albiflora, found in the Indian Ocean. It is a member of the eunicellans, a class of marine diterpenes possessing the core carbon skeleton of diterpene, and is closely related to sarcodicyins A and B. Eleutherobin has been shown to possess potent cytotoxicity with an IC50 of 10.7 nM, which is comparable to taxol. As eleutherobin was available in limited amount from natural sources, chemical syntheses have become essential to study its biological properties further. More Info

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