Synthetic and biological studies of natural products.

About 8000 herbal remedies have been codified in the Ayurveda, which are still in use in many dispensaries today. For long time, the only way to use plant medicines was either direct application or the use of crude plant extracts. With the development of organic chemistry at the beginning of this century, when extraction and fractionation techniques improved significantly, it became possible to isolate and identify many of the active chemicals from plants. The work presented in the thesis entitled "Synthetic and Biological Studies of Natural Products" is relevant in the above context. The report consists of six chapters. Chapter 1 gives a general introduction about naturally occuring biologically important molecules and also includes the prelude of remaining chapters.Chapter 2 deals with hypoiodite reactions of 1,9-dideoxyforskolin and its 6-acetyl-11b-hydroxy derivative.Chapter 3 deals with isolation of three new tetranortriterpenoids along with known limonoids4 from neem. More Info

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