Synthesis of steroid intermediates-synthesis and transformations of 7-aryl-4,7-dioxoheptanoic acids.

The interest in steroid synthesis continues unabated due, of course to their tremendous importance. In biology and medicine. Different routes nave been evolved for the successive building-up of the system of four fused all cyclic rings in the natural stereochemical configuration starting with, simple compounds, which usually provided one or two of the rings appearing in the final products. Another important feature of these syntheses has been the introduction of the angular methyl groups. One such route, which has led to the synthesis of estrone, equilin, equilenin and isoequilenin, is due to Robinson and it constitutes one of the simplest setnoda of preparing cyolopentenopaenantorenes and cyclopentenonaphthalenes. The outstanding feature of this synthesis lies in the fact that the oxygen functions in the products get placed at the 3, 11- and 17- positions (steroid numbering) of the tetracyclic and at the analogous positions of the tricyclic products. More Info

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