Synthesis of Some Biologically Active Compounds

It has been known that the decalin fragment of biologically active terpenoids is usually responsible for their activity. In this regard, the present work describes the various synthetic strategies that can be adopted for the construction of AB ring system of various terpenoid molecules. The key reactions utilized for this purpose is: Diels Alder reaction .Stobbe condensation Zeolite catalyzed alkylation reaction Chapter 2 deals with the construction of AB ring system of neembandiol through Diels Alder strategy. Facially selective cycloaddition was possible synthesizing an optically active dienophile by incorporating an optically active sulfoxide moiety to it, resulting in the construction of a chiral synthon of 4-hydroxy-4-methyl-2,5-cyclohexadienone. Chapter 3 describes the construction of a furan ring system resembling marine natural products (furan sesquiterpenes from the sponge Disidea pallescens). This synthesis was performed through Dienone phenol rearrangement followed by alkylation and subsequent cyclization in the presence of catalytic amounts of acidic zeolite. More Info

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