Synthesis, scale up and shape forming studies of high T YBa2 Cu3 O7 superconducting ceramics.

The superconducting properties of high-Tc YBa2Cu3O7-d (1-2-3) oxide superconductors are greatly affected by the presence of impurity phases and deviation from the ionic stoichiometry. These in turn depend on the processing steps such as mixing, calcination, milling, sintering, and Post-sintering treatments; more so, in case of powders synthesized in large batches which are employed for the fabrication of superconductor shapes. The present work, therefore, aims at developing the technology for processing of high quality superconductor powders and shapes and the necessary scientific database. Based on compound using different barium salt precursors, the scale-up of 1-2-3 powder synthesis has been carried out employing barium carbonate precursor. Various processing steps such as mixing, calcination, milling, compaction, sintering, and oxygenation have been optimized, and modelled wherever possible. Several binder-plasticizer-solvent formulations have been investigated for the plastic extrusion of 1-2-3.superconductor wires. More Info

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