Synthesis of potentially bioactive benzothiophene based heterocycles.

Five promising bioactive agents viz ticlopidine, tinoridine, saccharin, pyroxicam and benzothienoisothiazole derivatives were chosen as prototypes for synthesising their homologs or congeners. In addition to this attempts were made to synthesise some new heterocyclic systems. New benzothienopyridine derivatives, congeners of ticlopidine were synthesised, however it was not possible to synthesise any congeners of tinoridine. Some new benzothienopyran and benzothieno- pyridazine derivatives were synthesised successfully. Two new saccharin type benzothienoisothiazole derivatives Were synthesised. Attempts to prepare pyroxicam type compounds and benzothiadiazines, congeners of benzothiadiazines, using the benzothienoisothiazole derivatives failed. Interestingly these failed attempts yielded many new benzo[b]thiophene and benzothienoisothiazole derivatives. Two novel synthons, derivatives of thienobenzothiophene and thiopyranobenzothiophene were synthesised. More Info

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