Synthesis of Polycyclics and Unusual Alpha Amino Acid Derivatives Via Olefin Metathesis

In recent years, metathesis reactions have proved to be a valuable tool in organic synthesis. In this regard, we have utilized metathesis reaction to design various unusual amino acid derivatives and polycyclic molecules. The present thesis is divided into six chapters. The first chapter deals with a general introduction to olefin metathesis. In the second chapter, a diversity-oriented approach has been developed for the synthesis of various structurally different molecular frame works from a readily accessible and common precursor. Nonmetathetic behavior of Grubbs catalyst involving double bond isomerization has been observed in the course of our study. A new methodology for benzoannulation has been developed by using double Claisen rearrangement followed by one-pot RCM and DDQ oxidation sequence which is the main theme of the third chapter. In the fourth chapter, Suzuki-coupling of benzyl bromides followed by alkylation and RCM reaction sequence has been used for the synthesis of metaparacyclophane derivatives of different cavity size. More Info

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