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Synthesis of eudesmonic sesquiterpenes and their intermedeates

In the bicyclic sesquiterpene field by far the most synthetic efforts have been directed towards eudemons. Many naturally occurring compounds of this class have been prepared by total synthesis, thus leaving to the verification of structures or correlation with chosen starting material. The present investigations are concerned with the use of l-santonin (1), as a starting material in the synthesis of various naturally occurring tertiary alcohols, the ? -(24), ?- (20), ?- (21) ancl a non naturally occuring tertiary alcohol, ?2 -(19) eudesmois together with the synthesis of various optically active key intermediates, either lactonic or non-lactonic. Synthesis of various other compounds, in this course, has established the stereochemistry at particular centres of interest either through correlation or direct comparison. The rearranged products isolated in this connection under various reaction conditions have ultimately led to the determination of their course. The thesis comprises of six chapters. More Info

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