Synthesis, characterization and catalytic properties of hexagonal mesoporous aluminophosphate molecular sieves

In recent years, the development of heterogeneous redox catalysts based on mesoporous silicate molecular sieves has attracted attention due to their vast application in bulk and fine chemical synthesis. In this study, optimization of the synthesis procedure for the preparation of thermally stable HMA was carried out by varying various synthesis parameters, which influence the crystallization. Subsequently, various redox catalysts, viz., TiHMA, VHMA, (Cr)HMA, FeHMA and CoHMA, were also synthesized. Various analytical and spectroscopic studies revealed that titanium, vanadium, iron, and cobalt ions substituted in the tetrahedral matrix, whereas chromium ions were grafted inside the pores. The catalysts were tested for the oxidation of cycloalkanes, viz., cyclohexane, cyclooctane and cyclododecane as well as phenols such as phenol and alkyl substituted phenols. All the catalysts selectively oxidized cycloalkanes to cycloalkanols and cycloalkanones with good yield. More Info

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