Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of mesoporous MCM-48 molecular sieves

In recent years, mesoporous molecular sieves have attracted much attention owing to their tunable pore size, high internal surface area, etc., which serve as ideal host candidates and excellent catalysts towards various organic transformations. Development of acid and redox catalysts based on mesoporous molecular sieves is of importance for bulk and fine chemical synthesis. In this study, we have synthesized and well characterized the siliceous as well as metal containing MCM-48 and also prepared man-sized particles inside the mesopores of MCM-48. Further, acid catalysts, viz., H-AlMCM-48 and H-GaMCM-48, as well as redox catalysts, e.g., (Cr)MCM-48 and VMCM-48, were also synthesized, characterized and evaluated. At first, the influence of various synthesis parameters on the crystallization of siliceous MCM-48 is discussed. The encapsulation of metal oxides nanoparticles inside the mesopores of MCM-48 matrix is then demonstrated using DRUV-VIS and EPR studies. More Info

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