Synthesis of carbon nano-materials and their applications

Synthesis and applications of nano-materials are the most promising areas of research in the present days. In the recent past, discovery of buckyball by Kroto et al. have drawn tremendous interest towards the carbon materials, which paved the path for synthesis of carbon nanotubes and other related carbon nano-materials. The present thesis entitled “Synthesis of carbon nano-materials and their applicationsâ€ comprises of nine chapters. Each chapter devoted to a specific study. Vapor grown carbon fibers (VGCFs), carbon nanotubes (CNTs), carbon beads and other carbon nano materials were synthesized from different natural (camphor, turpentine oil) and petrochemical (kerosene, benzene, n-hexane) precursor. Effect of catalyst, pyrolysis temperature, carrier gases and deposition time were studied. Presence of catalyst and absence of catalyst in the production of VGCFs and CNTs was studied and their formation mechanism discussed. More Info

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