Synthesis and reactions of polycyclic systems

PART I: Allylation of caged ketones and its application to [6]-peristylane The fascination in the synthesis of non-natural products such as hexaquinacene, pagodane, [5]-peristylane and []fenestrane and dodecahedrane has been stimulated due to unique topology as well as their chemical behavior. In this chapter our attempts to synthesize [6]-peristylane are discussed. In this context, for the first time, we have applied the fragmentation methodology to allylate various caged-diones with out involving protective group strategies where ionic conditions are inappropriate. Also, a novel route to [6]-peristylane involving diallylated products was pursued. In this regard, various highly functionalized tetra- and triquinane derivatives were prepared. The methodology developed during the course of our investigation may find useful application in the synthesis of new strained molecules. PART II: New synthetic approaches to spiro-cyclics More Info

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