Synthesis and properties of rare earth-containing ferrocyanide complexes

The solid solution precursors in the preparation of magnetic oxides have led to the formation of hommogeneous, monophasic solids. Although the ferricyanide and ferrocyanide complexes of rare earths have been reported to yield magnetic orthoferrites, the existing literature is, however, limited and controversial. Hence, the preparative conditions for rare earth (RE) ferrocyanides (RE = Ce, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd and Dy) were optimized and their crystal structure determined. IR, EPR, Moessbauer, fluorescence, plasma-source emission spectroscopic techniques in conjunction with DTA-TG and XRD were employed to determine the chemical composition and crystal structure of these new complexes. The composition was found to be REx3+Fe4-x3+[Fe(CN)6]3.14H20 with x » 0.01 -3.4. The crystal symmetry was either cubic or triclinic, the former corresponding to smaller values of x. More Info

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