Synthesis and Investigation on Magnetic Nanoparticles in Radioactive Waste Management

Magnetically assisted chemical separation is an upcoming technology in the field of nuclear waste treatment and environmental remediation from radioactivity spread. The advantage of this technique lies in low inventory utilisation of sorbents and enhanced ion sorption capability. Superparamagnetic substrates essentially aid in magnetic filter regeneration features. Present work is aimed at synthesising novel magnetic sorbents and studying their properties with respect to application to ion exchange and solvent extraction separation methods. The studies include comparison of radionuclide uptake of ion exchanger with respect to conventional column based separation and solvent extraction with respect to density based separation methods. Structural and microscopic properties of magnetite and iron as probable substrates for coating with sorbents were studied. Two methods of coating magnetite nanoparticles were adopted. Ion exchanger potassium nickel hexacyanoferrate was coated by wet dispersion followed by complexation on surface of magnetite. More Info

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