Synthesis and Charaterization of Transition Metal Siloxanes and Phosphonates

The thesis deals with the study of soluble model compounds for secondary building blocks of zeolites. Transition metal siloxanes and phosphonates could serve as model compounds for studying the structure and properties of zeolites. Keeping this in view we have synthesized and structurally characterized an organic soluble titanosiloxane, which has a three dimensional cubic framework with Ti and Si atoms in a tetrahedral geometry, resembling D4R building unit in zeolites. The reactivity study of cubic titanosiloxane with silanols showed that the reaction proceeds slowly and produces transesterified product. The use of this titanosiloxane as a single source precursor for titania-silica materials was explored. The thermal stability, crystallization behavior and microstructures of the materials were investigated in detail. The catalytic performance of molecular precursor and heterogeneous materials towards the epoxidation of cyclohexene were studied. We have also explored the chemistry of titanophosphonates by synthesizing a series of titanophosphonates. More Info

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