Synthesis and characterisation of saccharide derivatives including N-glycosides and their metal ion complexes.

Several transition metal ions are essential trace elements required for the growth of animals including human. It is needless to mention that the interaction of such a metal ion with vital components of life is important in its biochemical processes. Saccharides are undoubtedly one among a few important components of life. Our research group at IIT Bombay has been involved extensively in the studies of transition metal-saccharide complexes for almost one-and-a half decades. In order to improve the metal ion binding nature of the saccharides, we have worked out a strategy where the saccharide is selectively protected as well as modified to form glycosylamines at C-1 position, primarily by nitrogen center. Further, the glycosylamines have been referred in the literature to have a variety of medicinal applications, though none of such application is explained at molecular level. In the process, we synthesized eighteen different N-glycosides using various aromatic amines and the products were characterized based on FT-IR, (1H & 13C)NMR, mass and CD studies. More Info

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