Syntheses Of Heteroatom Substituted Functionalized Porphyrin And Calix(4)Phyrin Building Blocks And Their Applications In The Syntheses And Studies Of Cova

Porphyrins or tetrapyrrole macrocycles are involved in many important biological processes such as electron transfer, oxygen transport, light harvesting etc. One of the most interesting modifications of the porphyrin molecule would be the replacement of the core nitrogens by other heteroatoms such as sulfur, oxygen, selenium, tellurium etc which lead to the novel class of molecules known as core modified porphyrins. These porphyrins exhibit interesting properties in terms of both aromatic character and their ability to stabilize metals in unusual oxidation states. The synthesis, characterization, ground and excited state properties of meso-furyl and meso-thienyl porphyrins with various heteroatom substituted porphyrin cores such as N3S, N3O, and N2S2 have been carried out. The electronic properties were greatly altered by replacing the six membered aryl groups with five membered furyl and thienyl groups which was attributed to the enhancement of p-delocalization due to the increased co-planarity of smaller five membered meso-furyl or thienyl groups with porphyrin macrocycle. More Info

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