Surper Market Menegement System (SMMS)

PROJECT REPORTS ready for Submission :: Title: Surper Market Menegement System (SMMS) For: MCA/B.Tech./B.E. (Computer Science) Technology used: Visual Basic & Oracle CD will contains: 1. Software Program, 2. Synopsis, 3. Full Project Report LIST OF CONTENTS of the ready PROJECT REPORT are as follows :-  Title of the Project  Introduction  Objective  Tools and Platform (VB, Oracle)  System Analysis  Identification of Need  Preliminary Investigation  Feasibility Study  Technical Feasibility  Operational Feasibility  Economic Feasibility  Software Engineering Paradigm applied  Software and Hardware Requirements Specification  System Design  Data Structure (Database Tables with constraints)  Data Flow Diagram (DFDs)  E-R Diagram  Program Structure (Modules, Process Logic)  Input / Output Forms (Screenshots)  Coding (Source Code)  Code Efficiency  Optimisation of code  Validation checks  Implementation and Maintenance  Testing  System Security  Cost Estimation of the Project  Reports Generated (Screenshots)  Pert Chart, Gantt Chart  Future scope and further enhancements  Bibliography BRIEF INTRO OF THE PROJECT :- The basic working done by this application is to maintain stock as well as perform all daily/ timely transaction like (Sale, Order) processing in a smoother and automated way. The main feature of this application is going to be its adhoc report support, which enable management to view all the ins-outs of a super market as well as profit/losses of the organization. MODULES OF THE PROJECT :- In the project, the modules are Sale, Purchase, Employee, Customer, Finance, etc. For above Complete Project in 'Visual Basic' and 'Oracle'. Send in your mail. Email: --------------------------------------------------------- Also, buy in Cash, available at these locations in Delhi: Connaught Place Or Laxmi Nagar Mob: 92137 19822 For outside Delhi, VPP delivery available

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