Surface Roughness Prediction

Numerous operations in
manufacturing industries require a lengthto-
diameter ratio greater than 5 times tool
diameter. These types of operations, known
as deep drilling, normally need the use of
special tools and devices. The deep drilling is
a process of high complexity due to its special
difficulties such as cutting in a closed and
limited space, high cutting temperature and
the difficulty of chip formation and removal.
Such conditions involve the chip formation
and the flow difficulty, the tool overhang
length, the surface quality and the hole
geometric and form tolerances. This work
presents an experimental and an analysis of
the performance of carbide drill geometry in
drilling of GG25 gray cast iron. The
experiments have been carried out in line of
production and laboratory, using tungsten
carbide drills with straight flutes and
internal cutting fluid. The aim of this
experimental and analytical research is to
identify the parameters which enable the
prediction of surface roughness in drilling by
integrating expert system. Fuzzy expert
system were used to analyze the best fit
model in predicting the quality of the deep
drilled holes. With the results obtained in
this work it was possible to acquire a major
knowledge on the deep drilling process of
gray cast iron, which allow improvements in
the production of pieces in industrial scale.

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 01:18