Surface roughness effects in hydrodynamically lubricated porous journal bearings.

The thesis is devoted to a study of surface roughness effects in porous journal bearings operating under hydrodynamic conditions. The thesis consists of seven chapters. Chapter 1 is introductory in nature. Chapter 2 presents the derivation of governing equations for pressure in a porous bearing. A simplified model valid for thin walled porous bearings is discussed. In Chapter 3, Reynolds -type equations for a rough porous bearing are derived for two types of one-dimensional roughness pattern, viz. longitudinal and transverse. As an illustration of the applicability of the theory, an infinitely long journal bearing operating under steady conditions is analysed in detail. It is shown that the presence of surface asperities has a considerable influence on the bearing characteristics. In Chapter 4, the case of a narrow journal bearing is analysed. It is shown that to determine the magnitude and direction of surface roughness effects, a complete information regarding the nominal geometry, bearing type, roughness pattern and the nature of working conditions is necessary. More Info

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