Superplastic Forming And Concurrent Microstructural Evolution In AA8090 Al-Li alloy

AA 8090 Al-Li alloy has shown great promise for structural applications in aerospace industry due to the fact that Li alloying noticeably decreases the density and simultaneously increases the elastic modulus. This alloy in sheet form is known to have microstructural gradient, including variation in texture, in through thickness direction. The outer surface layer contains well-recrystallized and nearly equiaxed microstructure whereas the middle layer contains unrecrystallized elongated band of grains. The microstructure present in the middle layer is not considered to be suitable for superplastic deformation. The present work on superplasticity and superplastic forming (SPF) of AA8090 Al-Li alloy was carried out on a commercial superplastic grade material. The static annealing studies were carried out to characterize microstructural evolution at elevated temperatures over the range of 400 to 540oC and time period varying from 5 min to 24 h. More Info

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